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I am now playing a little bit with lift (2.1), and all the features in LiftRules work as intended. But I haven't been able to use S.redirectTo at all. I always ends with a blank screen, no matter what. No error messages at all!

As an example, I have the following form:

  <lift:logIn.logInForm form="post">
    <p><login:name /></p>
    <p><login:password /></p>
    <p><login:submit /></p>

And the code is:

object LogIn extends helper.LogHelper {

    def logInForm(in: NodeSeq): NodeSeq = {
      var name = ""
      var password = ""

          def login() = {
"name: " + name)
"password: " + password)
          if (name == "test1") S.redirectTo("/example")
          if (name == "test2") S.redirectTo("/example.html")
          if (name == "test3") S.redirectTo("example.html")

    bind("login", in,
      "name" ->     SHtml.text(name, name = _),
      "password" -> SHtml.password(password, password = _),
      "submit" ->   SHtml.submit("Login", login))

The method 'login' is invoked, I can check that in the log information. But as I said, no matter which name I enter, I always end with a blank screen, although 'example.html' is available when being accessed directly in the browser. How should I invoke S.redirectoTo in order to navigate to 'examples.html'? Also, why don't I receive an error message (I am logging at a debug level)?

I think all the configuration in Boot is correct, since all LitRules examples (statelessRewrite, dispatch, viewDispatch, snippets) work fine.


/example was not in the SiteMap. I have added /example and /index like that:

def boot {
  val index = Menu(Loc("index", new Link(List("index"), false), "index"))
  val example = Menu(Loc("example", new Link(List("example"), false), "example"))
  LiftRules.setSiteMap(SiteMap(index, example))

Still nothing happens :-(

Any idea?

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Have you added the example.html page to your SiteMap? – Debilski Jan 11 '11 at 9:07
2.8.0 will be the version of Scala you're using, not the version of Lift, for which 2.2 is the latest release. It would help to know which Lift version you're really using! – Kevin Wright Jan 11 '11 at 9:55
are you sure, that you don't have a typo there? You have example in code, but then in text, you refer to examples. – coubeatczech Jan 11 '11 at 9:59
Do I need to add example.html to SiteMap when using redirectTo? How do I do it? I am not using SiteMap at all... – Jaime Ocampo Jan 11 '11 at 14:20
I corrected my typo (example.html) & the lift version (2.1) – Jaime Ocampo Jan 11 '11 at 14:21

Anything you redirectTo needs to be in SiteMap.

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I added /index and /example to the SiteMap (see my changes), but it still does not work... – Jaime Ocampo Jan 12 '11 at 14:21

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