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Hi I use NSIS to create installer . In my script !define MUI_FINISHPAGE_NOAUTOCLOSE so that user can see the installation file logs. But here my issue is even the progress text shows completed . progress bar underneath doesn't reflect 100%. Please find this screenshot

issue happens only in windows 7 , in Windows Xp its fine.

AFAIK pidgin uses NSIS installer script and for that I could able to see its Progressbar showing 100 % when gets completed.

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Voting to close because this is not a real question, and should rather be a bug report in the NSIS Bug Tracker‌​. –  Bobby Jan 11 '11 at 9:16

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Are you sure the progress bar goes to 100% on XP? Depending on the visual style, it might look like it is at 100% (You could try smooth progress bar (InstProgressFlags smooth) with "XPStyle off")

The usual cause of this is a return in a section:

;some code here
${If} $x = $y
;some code here

To work around a return problem you either change the code to use if/else blocks or put all of the logic in a function and call the function from the section.

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Avoid using 'return' inside section, once you use 'return' ina a section, progressbar might 'jump' the progress from SectionEnd.

Relative jumps (aka GoTo) to negative positions on script might cause the same problem.

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