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i cant get my page to work. On loading a page i get error in this line tscontainer = new ActiveXObject('BDATuner.SystemTuningSpaces'); any ideas why i get this error and how to start my page to work?

I am using IE8.

msvidctl.dll can be found in 2 directories: C:\WINDOWS\system32


<SCRIPT language=Javascript>

var tscontainer, ts, tr, locator;

function window_onload(){
    tscontainer = new ActiveXObject('BDATuner.SystemTuningSpaces');
    ts = tscontainer('DVB-T');
    //ts = tscontainer('Nero DVBT Tuning Space');
    //ts = tscontainer('KWORLD_DVBT');
    tr = ts.CreateTuneRequest();
    locator = new ActiveXObject('BDATuner.DVBTLocator');
    tr.SID = -1;
    tr.TSID = -1;
    tr.ONID = -1;
    locator.Bandwidth = 8;
    locator.CarrierFrequency = 762000;
    tr.Locator = locator;
    //MSVidCtl.MaintainAspectRatio = 'True';
    currentchannel.value = tr.Locator.CarrierFrequency;

function channel_enter(){
    tr.Locator.CarrierFrequency = currentchannel.value;
    currentchannel.value = tr.Locator.CarrierFrequency;

<BODY BGCOLOR="#000001" TEXT="#FFFFFF" LINK="#FCCB7A" VLINK="#551A8B" ALINK="#EE0000" onLoad="window_onload()">
<OBJECT ID="MSVidCtl" CLASSID="CLSID:B0EDF163-910A-11D2-B632-00C04F79498E" Width="800" Height="600"></OBJECT>
<HR><B>FREQUENCY: </B><INPUT TYPE="text" id=currentchannel maxlength=7 SIZE=7>
<INPUT id=enter type=button value="APPLY" onClick="channel_enter()">
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May be you should download from web.


or you can download the latest DirectX since this file use is related to functions like games and advanced graphics.

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But prefer downloading DirectX latest version. –  Ankit Jan 11 '11 at 9:15
Ok, thanks i will try and let u know if it helped. –  bikt Jan 11 '11 at 9:18
thank you, but it didn't helped, download of newest msvidctl.dll and newest directx install. –  bikt Jan 11 '11 at 9:33

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