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I am desperately looking for a detailed documentation of the features supported by the Android browser and accessible from the JavaScript API, but still can't find any.

In particular, I would like details about: -the extent of the html5 canvas implementation in Android wrt. the spec. -the level of support of touch event and gesture event. (I found : http://backtothecode.blogspot.com/2009/10/javascript-touch-and-gesture-events.html -but it's 1 year old- and also the quirksmode.org site).

According to my tests, trapping multitouch event in JavaScript is not supported (in 2.2). But it would be easier to have an official doc than a test-based approach. -and to a more extent, the status of each HTML5 features in Android default browser.

Any good pointers ?



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The JavaScript functionality available in a WebView or the Android browser is much the same as that available in other browsers - most of JavaScript 1.8 (see Mozilla Developer Network for useful info).

If you use a WebView rather than just a page in a browser, then you can communicate between your Java application and your JavaScript running in your web-page (you can use JavaScript to call Java methods, and vice-versa); see Using WebViews.

The Android browser (or WebView) does not support multi-touch JavaScript events (see Issue 11909).

You would have to implement your own touch handler in Java on your WebView, then pass the touch information to methods in your JavaScript.

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