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Working on my personal knownledge base... I want to format my documents, even on local harddisk in wiki syntax. Sometimes I would upload them to a (corporate) wiki, sometimes I would download them from there. Planned are some tools to support this flow and searching my knowledge base (documents) for later. Obviously I want the markdown to be compatible with most, minimising conversion work.

So my question is similar to this related question, but

  • What wiki text version or Markdown (dialect) should I use when I start something new? (i.e. documentation project and kind of wiki).
  • What are the most wiedely used/recognized ones?
  • And where is tool support (editors and or libraries) best? Concerned prog. languages are Java, Ruby, Scala.
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come on guys, I am sure there are some wiki exports here ;-) –  Peter Kofler Mar 18 '11 at 7:49
We really need a Wiki standard that finally unifies them all: xkcd.com/927 –  Heinzi Oct 29 '12 at 8:18

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Wikipedia says that there is no commonly accepted standard wikitext language.

Creole is one effort for a "common wiki markup language to be used across different Wikis". There is a version 1.0 of the specification and several wikis and wiki engines implement it. MediaWiki does not implement it.

Markdown has a large number of implementations and seems to be used quite a lot.

As there is no agreed standard, the language might be selected depending on features and available implementations depending on the use case.

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Unfortunately there is very little format standardization in the wiki world, although some wikis (notably Atlassian's Confluence, a commercial product) are moving towards XHTML.

The most widely used Wiki software is MediaWiki (of Wikipedia fame). Mediawiki's markup is famously hard to parse, but it has been around and used widely enough that there are lots of existing tools for converting both to and from MediaWiki format, as well as editing content with lots of different online and offline editors.

MediaWiki also has a full-featured API with lots of client libraries in various programming languages (see Client code), including eg. MediaWiki::Gateway for Ruby.

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So for a new project, that uses Wiki syntax for e.g. templating or content, would you recomment MediaWiki format? –  Peter Kofler Jun 6 '11 at 8:48
Just how big is your project, and are you sure you need a wiki in the first place? For most low-tech projects, something like Google Docs with change tracking turned on will actually do a much better job. –  jpatokal Jun 7 '11 at 3:11
I want to save documents into some std format, machine readable would be nice, but still plain text and very readable in text editor for the user. This is markdown then (i.e. wiki syntax). Should be the base for some knowledge management tool (in development). –  Peter Kofler Jun 9 '11 at 18:06

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