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I have designed a PHP based website which needs to run on a local server. Unfortunately I have developed this on a WAMP server using Apache. The machine on which this website will be placed on only supports the IIS server and I am not allowed to install Apache on this this machine.

How do I run PHP code on an IIS server?

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What version of Windows/IIS? – Kev Jan 11 '11 at 11:48
zend and microsoft worked very hard on this issue. It's possible but my suggestion is to use apache with php... – confiq Jan 21 '11 at 22:13

See this link:

99% of stuff is compatible. There can be some problems though (for example if you use mod_rewrite, or some file operation functions behave a little differently).

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You can get it installed and include the right infrastructure (IIS, WinCache, and FastCGI, and URL Rewrite) with a single click using Web Platform Installer:

To install PHP 5.2 use:

To install PHP 5.3 use:

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With IIS 7, a lot of the apache/iis gaps have been closed. Like mod_rewrite is available in IIS 7 (

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Here's how I got PHP 5.3 running on IIS 6:

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