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I am using "simplewire" library (for Java) which should be able to send SMS from PC to mobile. However, I am seeting the following error:

Message was not sent! Error Code: 420 Error Description: Invalid Subscriber ID or Subscriber Password.

Here is my code sample

import com.simplewire.sms.*;

public class send_text
    public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception
        SMS sms = new SMS();

        // Subscriber Settings

        // Message Settings
        sms.setMsgText("Hello World From Simplewire!");

        System.out.println("Sending message to Simplewire...");

        // Send Message

        // Check For Errors
            System.out.println("Message was sent!");
            System.out.println("Message was not sent!");
            System.out.println("Error Code: " + sms.getErrorCode());
            System.out.println("Error Description: " + sms.getErrorDesc());
            System.out.println("Error Resolution: " + sms.getErrorResolution() + "\n");

I want to know how to get Subscriber ID and Subscriber Password? Do I need an account for that?.

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From the Simplewire Java SMS SDK Manual

The subscriber ID is an ID number provided to paid subscribers that gives access to all of Simplewire’s resources. The appropriate password must also be set.

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SimpleWire is now OpenMarket

You would need to setup an account with OpenMarket to use their SDK.

They offer two types of accounts:

  • Demo: which is where you could test your code on a short code that is for testing
  • Commercial: This is where you would pay for a Short Code and access to their platform/service
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