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Very strange jQuery behaviour here. First of all I'am loading jquery 1.4.4 from googles rep.

I want to make a filterable image grid. my jQuery code looks like this:

$('#portfolio-filter ul li a').click(function() {
  var thisItem = $(this).attr('rel');
  $('#portfolio-filter ul li a').removeClass('active');

  $('#portfolio-grid ul li').stop().animate({opacity : 1});
  if(thisItem != "alles") {
    $('#portfolio-grid ul li a[rel=\"'+thisItem+'\"]').stop().parent().animate({opacity : 1});
    $('#portfolio-grid ul li a[rel!=\"'+thisItem+'\"]').stop().parent().animate({opacity : 0});
  } else {
    $('#portfolio-grid ul li').stop().animate({opacity : 1});

Unfortunately this code only works in ff. Any ideas whats wrong here? I'am using html5 markup.

Thanks for your help!

ANSWER: Webkit can't handle my animation because I am animating the li elements, not the span elements inside the li a block.

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