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How can I eliminate the translation missing errors and fallback to the default string if I do not have any translations in this case in my en-us.yml or en.yml files?

I am moving an upgrading an app form rails 2.1.2 using globalize to 2.3.10 and next 3.0.X.

I do not need everything translated yet, but I went ahead and changed everything in my views from 'some text'.t to t('some text') to prepare for the future. The challenge is my views are littered with no translation errors or all my strings are preceded by en_us in views and validation error messages. such as:

ranslation missing: en_us.activerecord.errors.template.header translation missing: en_us.activerecord.errors.template.body Screen name translation missing: en_us.activerecord.errors.models.user.attributes.screen_name.taken and en_us, Username:

when using globalize in 2.1.x if I did not have a translation, everything used its default string, an now I do not know how to recreate this behavior.

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