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i have a sqlite database created from the honeypot. the database contains malware files. how can i extract these files from the sqlite database. please if someone can help

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Extract with what? A Java program? A .NET program? Just extract the data with SQLite's command line interpreter? –  Pablo Santa Cruz Jan 11 '11 at 11:25

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You can dump the whole database with:

echo .dump | sqlite3 database.sqlite > database.dump

Or just view the structure with:

echo .schema | sqlite3 database.sqlite

To get the files, you'll probably need a small script to extract the BLOBs into files. Post the schema of the database if you need help.

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The sqlite3 command can easily interrogate an sqlite3 database and the .dump command will allow you to dump a given table, and the .output command will let you select a filename for the output before dumping.

If the data came from a honeypot, be very careful about the tools you use to inspect the contents: flaws have been found in terminals that allow malicious content to gain privileges on the system. Simply using 'cat' to inspect a file on such a terminal could grant the malicious program your complete set of privileges.

So, at a minimum step, please at least use an unprivileged user account with no access to other data on the system. Using a tool such as AppArmor, SMACK, TOMOYO, SELinux, LIDS, to confine your tools to a small subset of system resources would be a good idea too. Virtualization could also work, but there have been plenty of 'breakouts' from those tools as well.

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