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In SQL Server 2000, by default, does a DELETE query cause a table's UPDATE trigger to be executed?

I know I can define a trigger that will be executed on both DELETE and UPDATE, but I thought I would verify that this is in fact required first.

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A DELETE does not fire UPDATE triggers. If you have a trigger defined to be fired on DELETE and also on UPDATE then it will be executed on a DELETE but that's because it's also a DELETE trigger.

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dump this in your trigger and check for yourself

    IF EXISTS (SELECT 1 FROM inserted) 
        IF EXISTS (SELECT 1 FROM deleted) 
            PRINT 'update'; 
            PRINT 'insert'; 
        PRINT 'delete'; 
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Thanks, I finally got around to trying this code out. It was useful for helping me find out the answer. That being said, I have accepted Chochos' answer because he had the actual answer to the question. Thanks! –  Wally Lawless Feb 5 '09 at 14:56

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