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I have downloaded a JAVA FILE and I don't know how to import it in Eclipse.

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Copy and paste to your project's src folder. –  Harry Joy Jan 11 '11 at 12:55

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If it's a plain Java file (.java), just put it somewhere inside the src folder of your project. Also, you will have to change its package name, so if it says:

package com.some.package;

And you copy it to src/com/your/app, then you have to change the package name to this:

package com.your.app;

By the way, there's no "Import Java file" option in Eclipse, don't waste time looking for an automatic way to do it.

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The best way is take the file and drop it to the default workspace eclipse folder. Then open the eclipse and refresh the project

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If you want to create a new project out of it then follow:

New -> Java Project -> Create Project from existing source.

Give correct path and proceed further.

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