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I'm working on my first android app and have an SQLite database set up and working with it, I've been able to successfully use a cursor to retrieve some data and used SimpleCursorAdapter to make the data appear as a list.

I'm now looking to retrieve a specific field and put the result into a float variable. However all the examples i find online seem to expect you to be handling large retrievals with multiple rows/columns and they've all been adapted into lists or arrays. I can't figure out how to just get the contents of that one field into a variable.

I tried using myVariable = cursor.getFloat(0) which i think is along the right lines but i couldn't get that working either.

Every time i run my application i just get null pointer exception errors, I've tried some try catch blocks but I'm new to all this in general and haven't had any success in troubleshooting. It might be something a simple as a query typo..

I'll include the bit of code involved below, but any suggestions general or specific are welcome, Thanks for taking the time to look.

public void Main(){

    //gets the rowId we put with the intent from Budget.java, sets a default value of -1 'incase.
    selectedRowId = getIntent().getLongExtra("rowId", -1);
    Cursor costCursor= FindBudgetForId(selectedRowId);
    MyText(costCursor, selectedRowId);


public Cursor FindBudgetForId(long selectedRowId){

    SQLiteDatabase db = budgetData.getWritableDatabase();
    String rowBudgetQuery = "SELECT BUDGET_AMOUNT FROM CAT_BUD_TAB WHERE _ID="+ selectedRowId;
    Cursor c = db.rawQuery(rowBudgetQuery,null);
    return c;


public void MyText(Cursor costCursor, long selectedRowId){      
    TextView whatDoText=(TextView)this.findViewById(R.id.keypad_text);
    whatDoText.setText("row: " +(String.valueOf(selectedRowId)));
    //set the current  budget amount in the edit text box
    retrievedAmount = costCursor.getFloat(3);
    EditText inputHint=(EditText)this.findViewById(R.id.cost_input);

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your query only selects 1 field, so the index 3 is out of bounds. you should use cursor.getFloat(0) – king_nak Jan 11 '11 at 13:15
@king_nak: of course thanks for pointing that out, still cant get it to run but that's one less mistake thanks! – Holly Jan 11 '11 at 13:20
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I believe that when SqliteDatabase#rawQuery returns a Cursor, it is initially positioned before the first result. So, in order to actually read a value from the result you get (without getting NullPointerExceptionExplosionDeath), call cursor.moveToFirst() before you get the float. I've been bitten by that before.

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oh thanks for the idea, but before the query you say? how can it move the cursor to the first position without me telling it what table i want it to deal with? anyway thanks for the advice, i tried doing it before and after, but no luck so i think the problem must be somewhere else. Thanks anyway i'll be sure to keep what you said in mind! – Holly Jan 11 '11 at 21:09
Ah sorry if it wasn't clear. After your query to the database (rawQuery), the Cursor that is returned is pointing at nothing (the position before the first result - like a -1 index). So before you call getFloat, that's when you call moveToFirst(). Does that help? – Kevin Dion Jan 11 '11 at 21:42
Hey, just thought i should mention that this wasn't actually my problem ( it turns out i wasn't passing the context to my sqliteopenhelper class properly, but once i'd done that..) it turned out to be extremely helpful as i knew exactly how to handle the cursor out of bounds errors that came after, so thank you!! – Holly Jan 16 '11 at 22:11

You can get data like

    Cursor c =//Query;
    int numRows = c.getCount();
if (numRows > 0) 
    While(numRows>0) // or for loop
          String strName = c.getString(0);
              Int i = c.getInt(1);
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