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My next project is a web app which has many forms and must be with some kind of Java framework. I'd like to choose a framework that allows Rapid Application Development (especially form-centric) and won't require any reinventing of the wheel. I had tried Visual JSF and Netbeans in the past and I was quite happy, but they're not offering the same functionality anymore :(

What are my best options in early 2011?

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Look at this, there are many comparison between many framework.


The winner are Grails and Rails. My 2cts? Try with JRuby on Rails, it's easy and funny to use. It integrates perfectly with any existing Java library. A lot of less code to write on server side and more time to spend on your form design.

You could give it a try without install anything before, just go here: http://railsforzombies.org/

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Hi Luke, I sincerely appreciate your feedback, but as I mention in my original post (see bold fonts) I'm looking for a Java solution (not Ruby, Groovy, etc.) and my app will be specifically about forms, so general comparisons of frameworks are not helpful at all. – Kay Pale Jan 11 '11 at 14:44
Ok, sorry but why explicitly Java? Forms are HTML when rendered into the browser. In this case...the best way to write Java and render HTML is GWT. – Luke Jan 11 '11 at 15:45

If your Application is mostly about CRUD operations, and you have experience in Spring (3), than you should have a look at Spring Roo.

The IDE should be SpringSource Tool Suite in this case.

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Definitely go with GWT and GWT Designer.

GWT is a modern (RIA/AJAX), well-supported (open-source by Google) and free.

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