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I need to take the value in two data columns A and C, get a percentage by dividing the current value of columns A and C by the top value (which is a total), and then average the two percentages and spit them out in column D. For example D2 should be (100(226/508)+(100(218/490))) / 2). I'd prefer to do this with one equation - is it possible?

A       B       C         D
1       508     490

2       226     44.49%    218

3       229     45.08%    221
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Could you make that a bit clearer: reformat the example table for example. –  sheepez Jan 11 '11 at 13:50

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The formula you want is

=(100*A2/A$1 + 100 *C2/C$1)/2

and the select all of column D downwards and then edit->fill down

The relative reference A2 will change in each row to the new row but A$1 is an absolute reference and will stay as the value in row 1.

You can also do this with array formula that do the fill down for you. See MS article

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Edit -> Fill Down did the trick beautifully, Leniel. Thanks a million. –  MarathonStudios Jan 11 '11 at 14:19

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