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I have two lists (from a multi-wave survey) that look like this:

X1 X2
1  NA
NA  2

How can I easily combine this into a third item, where the third column always takes the non-NA value of column X1 or X2, and codes NA when both values are NA?

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Combining Gavin's use of within and Prasad's use of ifelse gives us a simpler answer.

within(df, x3 <- ifelse(, x2, x1))

Multiple ifelse calls are not needed - when both values are NA, you can just take one of the values directly.

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+1 good point @Richie – Prasad Chalasani Jan 11 '11 at 15:32
+1 - well spotted. Nice simplification. – Gavin Simpson Jan 11 '11 at 16:24

Another way using ifelse:

df <- data.frame(x1 = c(1, NA, NA, 3), x2 = c(NA, 2, NA, 4))
> df
  x1 x2
1  1 NA
2 NA  2
4  3  4

> transform(df, x3 = ifelse(, ifelse(, NA, x2), x1))
  x1 x2 x3
1  1 NA  1
2 NA  2  2
4  3  4  3
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This needs a little extra finesse-ing due to the possibility of both X1 and X2 being NA, but this function can be used to solve your problem:

foo <- function(x) {
    if(all(nas <- {
    } else {

We use the function foo by applying it to each row of your data (here I have your data in an object named dat):

> apply(dat, 1, foo)
[1]  1  2 NA

So this gives us what we want. To include this inside your object, we do this:

> dat <- within(dat, X3 <- apply(dat, 1, foo))
> dat
  X1 X2 X3
1  1 NA  1
2 NA  2  2
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You didn't say what you wanted done when both were valid numbers, but you can use either pmax or pmin with the na.rm argument:

 pmax(df$x1, df$x2, na.rm=TRUE)
# [1]  1  2 NA  4
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