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I'm parsing gigantic Tomcat log files and I was wondering: when you stop, redeploy and then restart a Webapp, do the logs get automatically appended to the last debug.log.

More specifically: can you see in a unique debug.log file logs coming from two different deployments of a same .war?

So, for example, can you have logs from up to 11am from, say, version 1.0 of, say, example.war and then logs from 1pm coming from, say, version 1.1 of example.war in the same debug.log? Is this depending on the logger used and the way it is configured?

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Tomcat will debug every error in the same log file, it doesnt matter if there is two different war files. Try using log4j (http://tomcat.apache.org/tomcat-5.5-doc/logging.html) it allows you to separate everything into different log files.

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