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I have a processing file for my website's payments. It works just fine, but what I would like to do is log all the requests to this page so that if anything throws an error, the raw data is saved and I can process the transaction manually. The processing file uses fopen to write to the log file in another directory.

What I have right now is a separate folder on my root directory with permissions 755. Then a log file inside with permissions 777. The processing file that writes to the log file, in PHP if that matters, is set to 777.

This works right now, but the log file is publicly available. I know I can be doing this better and that the permissions aren't correct. How can I do this better?

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Put the log file outside the document root. The PHP script that writes to it will still be able to get to it (via the full path) but Apache won't be able to serve it.

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It's not an answer about permissions – vladkras Jan 9 at 7:27

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