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I have to find a kind of "_id" in my Mongo, I can do it using the Mongo shell, and I can not do that using Perl API.

I'm trying to do it (mongo shell):

use my_db
db.my_collection.find({_id : ObjectId("4d2a0fae9e0a3b4b32f70000")})

It works!(returns), but I can't do that using Perl API,

$mongo->my_db->my_collection(find({_id => "ObjectId(4d2a0fae9e0a3b4b32f70000"}));

Does not work because "ObjectId" is not a string, but if you do,

use my_db
db.my_collection.find({_id : "ObjectId(4d2a0fae9e0a3b4b32f70000)"})

Does not work too, I'm guess Perl API are doing it ^

Now, I have to know how I do it:

db.my_collection.find({_id : ObjectId("4d2a0fae9e0a3b4b32f70000")})

using Perl API.

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The implementation seems changed.

  find({ _id => MongoDB::OID->new(value => "4d2a0fae9e0a3b4b32f70000")})
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I found the solution, you have to do:

$mongo->my_db->my_collection(find({ _id => $mongo->oid("4d2a0fae9e0a3b4b32f70000")}));
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Your "ObjectId(4d2a0fae9e0a3b4b32f70000" string is also wrong.

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In reading the MongoDB::Tutorial

use MongoDB loads most of the packages you'll need to interact with MongoDB: MongoDB::Connection, MongoDB::Database, MongoDB::Collection, and MongoDB::Cursor. To use special Mongo data types (see MongoDB::DataTypes), you have to include them separately. So, usually, to use Mongo, you'll start with at least:

use MongoDB;
use MongoDB::OID;

Then you can just do this in your code:

$db->$collection->find_one({ _id => $id })
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