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I have a php based site hosted on a IIS server. URL like works but without the php extension does not work. This site was working properly on a LINUX server previously. ISAPI rewrite Life version was installed on the IIS server. But the problem still persists.

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IIS versions prior to 7.x doesn't support extension-less URLs without some ISAPI filter.

This is the reason ;)

EDIT: Read this blog post: Was it useful for you? Good luck! :)

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So wouldnt the ISAPI rewrite Life version solve the problem? – pranav_kavi Jan 12 '11 at 3:15
You'll need to find one supporting extension-less URLs. Let me find one. – Matías Fidemraizer Jan 12 '11 at 8:00
Check my answer, I've updated it with some EDIT! Let me know if this is enough for solving your problem. – Matías Fidemraizer Jan 12 '11 at 8:06

The problem was resolved by installing IIRF Rewrite 3 module.

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Please either accept your own answer or delete the question - This prevents others coming here trying to solve a problem you've already fixed. Thanks – Basic Feb 9 '12 at 16:25

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