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I am in a process of doing a single sign-on in Wordpress, but in the meantime I need to be able to import users in Wordpress by using some sort of REST API. It looks like there isn't anything like this at this time, so I was wondering what is my best approach to do this?

I need to be able to send some info trough JSON, GET or POST, so the new account will be created with some of the user info pre-filled (mostly meta data).

This is what I have so far:



if($_REQUEST['user'] && $_REQUEST['email'])
    $user_data['user_login'] = $_REQUEST['user'];
    $user_data['user_pass'] = $random_password;
    $user_data['user_email'] = $_REQUEST['email'];

    $new_user = wp_insert_user($user_data);
         update_user_meta( $new_user, 'first_name',strtolower($_REQUEST['first_name']));
         update_user_meta( $new_user, 'last_name',strtolower($_REQUEST['last_name']));



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Take a look at wp_create_user you could write your own script to accept input and call this function (making sure you don't compromise your own blogs security).

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I know the function, but I will probably will use wp_insert_user(), which is for more detailed creation. The bigger question is ... how? I am not experienced with WP, and just having a file outside the main system, with option to create users doesn't seem like a good idea. So probably I have to add a wp_login() function somewhere there + some IP verification + some role limitation... I kinda need a more detailed answer on how securely I can add users into WP following the Codex. –  Andrey Voev Jan 11 '11 at 18:12

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