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Planning to develop J2ME applications for Blackberry handsets.

I've already got the standard Java SE sdk (JDK + JRE) up to date..

I own a blackberry mobile - Curve 8520

I went onto Blackberry dev website to download its "Blackberry Java Plugin for Eclipse (full version)" which includes Eclipse itself + Blackberry's SDK for developing java apps..

I'm considering to use Eclipse IDE as a result so did not download the Blackberry JDE.


Now that i'm a bit confused with all those tools & SDKs, i want to know do i still need to go to the Java website to download its JavaME SDK? - mainly what i want to know is does the Blackberry Java plugin for Eclipse incl. the JavaME sdk? I searched everywhere (especially on Blackberry site) and couldn't find any useful info!

additional info: Completed implementing a Hello World project on my newly downloaded Blackberry Java Plugin so it shows that i can successfully develop Java apps for Blackberrys. But, what if i want to (in the future) develop standard MIDlets for other brand of devices? I suppose i will need to download the JavaME sdk won't i?

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The BlackBerry development tools include everything you need to develop BlackBerry applications. Native BlackBerry applications are not strictly JavaME applications as RIM has extended the JavaME API to provide additional functionality. So BlackBerry applications will only run on BlackBerry devices.

If you want your application to run on BlackBerries and other J2ME devices then you are best developing a pure JavaME application. In which case, you will need to install the JavaME SDK.

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thanks. pretty much answered my all my questions. –  Theresonly1 Jan 12 '11 at 11:28

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