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I'm trying to export some extracted $_POST information into a text file, however my code is only capturing the first variable and ignoring the rest. I'm saving the information to the text file in this manner:

$values = "First Name: $fName\r\n";

$values .= "Last Name: $lName\r\n";

$values .= "Address: $address\r\n";


This is the code I use to write to the text file:

$fp = @fopen("", "w") or die("Couldn't open for writing!");
$numBytes = @fwrite($fp, $values) or die("Couldn't write values to file!");


Any ideas on why it would only save the first $values ($fName) variable but not the rest of them? It actually saves the first part of the $values string for all of them (so I see Last Name:, Address:, etc. on separate lines in the text file) but the called variables $lName and $address do not appear.

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please post the part of the code where you assign values to the variables that are not showing.. – amosrivera Jan 11 '11 at 17:40
I would try: echo $values; before you actually write the file and make sure the values $lname and $address are actually set and being appended to $values correctly. – sberry Jan 11 '11 at 17:43

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Just use

file_put_contents('', $value);


Instead of "\r\n" you can use the constant PHP_EOL, which will contain the correct newline character(s) for the platform you are running the script on.

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I see the variables are $lName - is it a case sensitivity thing? What happens if you echo the same thing?

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I figured out the issue - the problem was I wasn't naming the other pieces within a hidden form I created, like I did for the person's first name.

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$values = "First Name: $fName\r\n";

$values .= "Last Name: $lName\r\n";

$values .= "Address: $address\r\n";
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