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I need BPEL tutorial to show me how to write BPEL manually, I want to learn how to use structure activities, and I want to know how can I make predicate expression . I want to know how to compare 2 values one of them is boolean when I make like this, an exception occur that '==' is wrong expression

 $IsItemExistOut.itemResoponse == true

Please can some one help?

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I used to work with Oracle SOA suite which has a BPEL component. The OTN on Oracle has an intro to BPEL that may get you started. See http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/articles/matjaz-bpel1-090575.html. They obviously are Oracle tech specific.

If you are an OSS guy then ActiveBpel may be your speed. Take a look at their resources: http://www.activebpel.org/samples/samples-2/BPEL_Samples/doc/index.html#introduction. Install the samples and then take them apart. See how they work and what they are doing.

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I fix the proplen:) , I should have made like this <if name="CreditCardCheck"> <condition>$IsItemExistOut.itemResoponse </condition> </if> without == true ,becouse it's a boolean value. –  palAlaa Jan 11 '11 at 20:46

This BPEL tutorial will be helpful to you. It has covered most of the parts you have requested.
Writing a simple WS-BPEL process for WSO2 BPS and Apache ODE

This article will be helpful if you trying to write a BPEL process using an IDE. Developing WS-BPEL Processes using WSO2 Carbon Studio

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