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How do you create and access dialog forms in Qt designer?

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At the risk of pointing out the blisteringly obvious...

Qt Designer -> File -> New -> Dialog [with buttons/without buttons] -> Create.

You then drag widgets from the Widget Box into the dialog. (View -> Widget Box if you can't see it.)

If you want auto-sizing support, you drag a Layout into the Dialog, then drag your Widgets into the layout.

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This answer doesn't mention anything about how to actually call/show that dialog from your main window - something I'm currently trying to figure out. –  aaronsnoswell Jan 9 at 0:32
That is a different question - you might find an applicable answer here: stackoverflow.com/questions/13116863/… –  badgerr Jan 9 at 11:52

Qt Designer -> File -> New

alt text

Click Create.

Can view code by Menu->Form->ViewCode alt text

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Generally, you create a dialog form the same way you do other widgets in Qt designer. That is to say, create a new widget, and fill it with the widgets you want. You'll need to create code files to manage how the dialog works, of course.

To show the dialog, you should create an instance of the widget and show it. Generally, a widget that has no parent will be shown as a separate window. Alternately, if your widget inherits from QDialog, you can pass a parent but it will still show as a separate window.

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