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Iam making game in xna and now i need to take some input like name and gender. It would be much easier if i was using C# but i dont know how to do this here. Please help asap

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Use an existing user interface library such as xWinForms. You can find more options in the UI library for XNA question.

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You are using C# when you're using XNA. The XNA framework is just a set of dlls that you program against using C#.

As for taking input, you can either code your own controls or use some existing libraries. Both options have their pros and cons.

We have a FAQ over on the XNA forums called "What GUI Systems are there for the XNA framework" that would probably be a useful read for you ->

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If I were doing this, I would listen for some keys and then the "Enter" buttons. I would then repeat that as many times as I needed. The code for it is below.

KeyboardState key;
OldKeyboardState oldKey;
String input;
//Puts final input in this
String finalIn;
String finalIn2;
String finalIn3;

protected override void Update(GameTime gameTime)
    key = Keyboard.GetState();
    //Do for all acceptable characters
    if (key.IsKeyDown(Keys.A) && key.IsKeyDown(Keys.RightShift) && oldKey.IsKeyUp(Keys.A) && oldKey.IsKeyUp(Keys.RightShift)) input = input + "A";
    else if (key.IsKeyDown(Keys.A) && oldKey.IsKeyUp(Keys.A) input = input + "a";
    //Finalize input when enter is pressed
    if(key.IsKeyDown(Keys.Enter) && oldKey.IsKeyUp(Keys.Enter))
        finalIn = input;
        input = "";
    //Finalize input when enter is pressed for second input
    if(key.IsKeyDown(Keys.Enter) && oldKey.IsKeyUp(Keys.Enter) && finalIn != "")
        finalIn2 = input;
        input = "";
    //At end set oldKey = key, so we have the current one and the old one
    oldKey = key;
protected override void Draw(GameTime gameTime)
    //If desired, add in a draw string to show user what is being inputed
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It's easier to implement your own controlls. Use spritebatch and register key strokes in a string buffer, then show it on the screen using spriebatch.DrawString(..)

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