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I am new to perl and I need some help with the bit manipulation in perl. This is what I want to do. I have a string $str = "453D" and It needs to be masked so that only lower 8 bits are set. Then for 3D I need to find all bits set. so

$str = $str&0xFF;

for $i(0..7)
  $str = ($str>>1);


I wrote this program like a C program. Can some one correct the syntax and logical errors please.

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Could you post the complete program and expected output, please? I've got a feeling you intended to operate on an integer instead of a string. –  JB. Jan 11 '11 at 20:29

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my $str = "453D";
$str = hex($str) & 0xFF;

my @bitsset;
foreach my $i (0..7) {
  if ($str & 0x01) {
  $str = $str >> 1;
print @bitset, "\n";
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Your string looks like a hexadecimal string representation of a 16-bit integer. Perl can coerce decimal string representations automatically, but needs guidance for hex.

Use one of the following:

my $str = 0x453D;     # for a constant
my $str = hex '453D'; # for a variable

As for logic errors, it seems like you're shifting out the little bit out before you even read it. You might want to swap both operations.

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