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I am testing FxCop automation and want to validate it is screening and catching certain rules. I want to make a dll that will trigger the RemoveCallsToGCKeepAlive error in FxCop.

I have the following code but it is not triggering the RemoveCallsToGCKeepAlive rule at all. what am i doing wrong?

static void Gen_RemoveCallsToGCKeepAlive(){
    string str = "";
    GC.KeepAlive (str);

how can i trip this FxCop Rule?

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Does FxCop find any other rule violations in your DLL? – Christian.K Jan 12 '11 at 6:58
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If you use the stand-alone FxCop, your code isn't checked for the same reason of this.

The RemoveCallsToGCKeepAlive is a Relialibity rule so FxCop doesn't support it.


You can use this rule in FxCop, if you copy VS2010 code analysis rules to FxCop Rules directory. For more detail, refer to my answer of this question.

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