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Hi I used the wiki inside redmine to produce some documentation, during an "evaluation period". This wiki was hosted somewhere on the net, where i can't acces, meaing acces to the db, not the editable/rendered wiki pages. Now my ideas are more clear. And i want to host the wiki myself, on a mediawiki instance.

The question is how can i convert the content of the old wiki to the new.

There is no extract button on my redmine wiki.(but i know how to do so with mediawiki)

Since i dont have many pages i can copy the content of the page(meaning the one with wiki mark down language) but i don't want to do the conversion by hand.

Can you help me?

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Pandoc: Haven't used it yet, but sounds promising: http://johnmacfarlane.net/pandoc/

EDIT Redmine uses the textile markup syntax. Check this SO question

And there is a mediawiki extension that seems able to read textile

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Actually, pandoc doesn't allow me to convert from textile to wikitext. And i want to write in wikitext now. In addition we used a really small portion of the textile capacity, about 6 markup. –  benzen Jan 21 '11 at 17:56

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