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Howdy, I need to be able to print from my wpf application. I am just trying to print a transaction receipt.

I have found that using

PrintDialog pDialog = new PrintDialog();

pDialog.PrintVisual(new Receipt("transaction name","my store"), "documentTitle");

Does the trick very nicely. "Receipt() is a usercontrol that renders out the transaction details.

How are you meant to do this? is this the correct way? what do I do if I dont know the printer that is going to be used? should I make the usercontrol only as wide as a thermal receipt printer?

Any suggestions would be great!

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This is what I do to print a WPF control:

System.Windows.Controls.PrintDialog printDlg = new System.Windows.Controls.PrintDialog();
if (printDlg.ShowDialog() == true)
    System.Printing.PrintCapabilities capabilities = 

    double scale = Math.Min(
                     capabilities.PageImageableArea.ExtentWidth / control.ActualWidth, 
                     capabilities.PageImageableArea.ExtentHeight / control.ActualHeight);

    control.LayoutTransform = new System.Windows.Media.ScaleTransform(scale, scale);

    Size sz = new Size(capabilities.PageImageableArea.ExtentWidth, 

    control.Arrange(new Rect(new Point(capabilities.PageImageableArea.OriginWidth, 
       capabilities.PageImageableArea.OriginHeight), sz));

    printDlg.PrintVisual(control, "My App");

This seems to work nicely.

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If you don't know the printer that is going to be used and want to ask the user, does that mean you want to show the print dialog? How about:



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