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I am writing this code in global.asax to save routes

RouteTable.Routes.Add("Profile", new Route("Profile/{ID}", new ProfileHandler("~/Member/Profile.aspx")));

and then writing this in the handler

 var display = BuildManager.CreateInstanceFromVirtualPath(_virtualPath, typeof(Page)) as Profile;
 //Setting Page Parameters
 display.MemberId = Convert.ToInt32(requestContext.RouteData.Values["ID"]);

But I don't like this code. First I am writing hard coded values, and second what if my website is online and I want to republish it? I'll have to stop IIS. Any other ideas to save them?

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I've written a whole blog with my own implementation of editable routes. I should make this into a NuGet package. My blog post covers how to have editable routes without requiring an app domain restart.

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