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I'm having trouble with running a bare example.

I'm using this to declare a function in Cython coming from cinterf.h header:

cdef extern from 'cinterf.h':  
int xsb_init_string(char* p_xsb_path)

The declaration in the C header file is:

DllExport extern int call_conv xsb_init_string(char *);

both DllExport and call_conv are macros defined elsewhere, and resolve to GCC compiler directives.
do I have to use those as well inside cdef to fully match the declaration?

When I call xsb_init_string() as:

xsb_init_string('some string')

The python interpreter gives me:

'ImportError: ./ undefined symbol: xsb_init_string'

Am I declaring the xsb_init_string() signature properly, inside cdef?

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You need to link to the DLL the library that contains the implementation of xsb_init_string.

If you are using distutils to compile the Cython module, you can pass options to the linker to include libraries.

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I had a feeling it might be that. I'll give it a shot. thank you – deepblue Jan 12 '11 at 1:48
ya, thats it. thank you very much – deepblue Jan 12 '11 at 4:20

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