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Hi I'm creating an online tool allowing users to add items of clothing to their account. I want to allow users to group these items but am unsure when it comes to the database relationships.

Items are added by users;

Multiple items should then be able to be grouped together;

A single item should be able to be in more than one group.

Before the grouping feature I had one table for users and one table for items, linked via a primary/foreign key. Then to get items from a specific user I simply joined the two tables and selected entries by user_id.

I'm unsure how I should go about implementing the groups feature

Should I have a table for groups and how should they relate ?

I'm really new to database relations but if I have a table called groups, how can it have an array of items as an entry? or how can an item have an array of groups that it belongs to ?

any help would be brilliant

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Are items unique to each user, or many users can own the same item? (That is, couture or off-the-rack?) –  Larry Lustig Jan 12 '11 at 3:28
yes the items will be unique to each user, users can only create groups with the items they have added themselves –  michael Jan 12 '11 at 13:18

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userID (pk)  

groupID  (pk)  
userID   (fk)

groupID (pk)  
itemID  (pk)  

ItemID (pk)  

Be aware the "GROUP" will most likely be a reserved/keyword so you may want to rename it.

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