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I have an nhibernate custom type that I would like to map with Fluent NHibernate.

The HBM mapping looks like this.

<property name="DateConvention" access="nosetter.camelcase-underscore" column="date_convention" not-null="true">
  <type name="DataAccess.Types.DateConventionCustomType, Services.DataAccess">
    <param name="type">Services.Data.DateConventionTypeParameter, Services.Data</param>

I have successfully mapped the custom type, but I cannot find a way to configure the parameters on the custom type mapping.

Is there a way to map this using fluent nhibernate ?

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Fluent NHibernate does not expose this capability, but you can use hbm.xml files for the mappings that need it and use ClassMap for the rest.

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