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I just followed the below link to set up syntaxhighlighter on my blog:


But as given in this link, i tried to use the brush plain but i am getting the error as can't find brush for : plain

Any suggestions?

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I had no success with Software Maniacs' product, but copypasting formatted text from Geshi demo page to bogspot editor works fine. –  Nakilon Jan 25 '11 at 10:44

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I use to use GIT hub to do this work in pretty much 8 simple steps,

1) Browse to https://gist.github.com 2) Add a Gist Description (optional) 3) Add a file name with an extension (extension will be used to add syntax highlighting) 4) Add your code snippet which need to be added to your blog post 5) Click “Create Public Gist” button at the bottom 6) Click on the “embed” link and copy the script generated

This is all from Gist side. Now to Blogger,

  1. Paste the script where you need to add the code snippet
  2. Make sure to select the option “Interpret typed HTML” under Post Options -> Compose Settings

I found this steps in this blogspot

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