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I would like to change the text color to bright green (#66FF00) but keep the default background color ( which is : "use system theme color ") of gnome-terminal. I can customize the text color, but in this case, I still need to specify the background myself. So I would like to know what's the RGB color of the default background color of gnome-terminal (in Ubuntu 10.04), and where I can find this value. Thanks.

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ColorPic kind of softwares will help. These sofwares are able to find out the color on background.

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FOSS alternatives: sudo apt-get install gpick gcolor2 –  Beni Cherniavsky-Paskin Apr 11 '13 at 1:26

On ubuntu 12.10, Ambiance and Radiance themes, it's #300A24.
Defined in: /usr/share/themes/*/gtk-*.0/apps/gnome-terminal*.
Note that it's also slightly transparent (if compositing is enabled) - 5% if I'm reading the config right.

I was somewhat surprised that it's not one of the standard colors from Canonical's aubergine/orange palette.

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or simply a screenshot opened in GIMP, then pressing either 'O' or clicking the foreground color on the toolbar, picking the eyedropper. you'd have to adjust the code then, simply adding a '#' in front of it.

another way would be to install GEANY, which is a very nice text / script editor anyway, and then using the tools>color chooser, then the eyedropper. which lets lets you click anywhere, like on the desktop, and returns the HEX value, complete with '#', and also in upper-case letters.

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