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I need to deploy a queued execution service with (generally) the following three classes of worker:

  1. A periodic, low-priority job class that takes a long time and can be processed serially; these jobs should only use 0..2 workers in the system at most.

  2. A periodic, deadline-sensitive job class that take a short to medium amount of time (say, topping out at 5 minutes)

  3. An ad-hoc job class, that is higher priority than #1, but can interleave with #2. Any workers from class #2 that are inactive when this type of job comes in should handle it, without ever starving the pool of workers for #2

All three job classes are the same task, the only difference between them is how they're requested; they'll take the same input and generate the same output, but each one has different performance guarantees.

How can I implement this using celery?

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You can use Celery Routing to achieve your goal. What you do is setup three different routing keys and have multiple celery workers (with custom configs) listing only on the specific routing keys you set up.

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how do you specify a worker to look for a specific routing key if you start a worker to a queue "celery -A proj worker -Q feeds"? – ealeon Dec 16 '14 at 19:16

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