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I'm trying to remove a specific div if a separate div is empty. Here's what I'm using:

$(document).ready(function () {
    if ('#leftmenu:empty') {
        $('#middlemenu').css({ 'right': '0', 'position': 'absolute' });
        $('#PageContent').css({ 'top': '30px', 'position': 'relative' });

I think this is close but I can't figure out how to write the code to test of #leftmenu is empty. Any help is appreciated!

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You can use .is().

if( $('#leftmenu').is(':empty') ) {
    // ...

Or you could just test the length property to see if one was found.

if( $('#leftmenu:empty').length ) {
    // ...

Keep in mind that empty means no white space either. If there's a chance that there will be white space, then you can use $.trim() and check for the length of the content.

if( !$.trim( $('#leftmenu').html() ).length ) {
    // ...
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+1 for trim() –  Box9 Jan 12 '11 at 5:02
trim() works perfect for me. Had to remove a column in Sharepoint that was adding some white space, in which trim() finds. Thanks. –  motoxer4533 Mar 28 '12 at 14:46
As below, note you can use .text() if you don't want to count random invisible HTML as content. –  rogueleaderr Jan 17 '13 at 19:28
@rogueleaderr Smart, didn't thought about using .text() because you could actually have some comment in the "empty" container and thus neither trim nor :empty would work. Thx –  Juri Jul 31 '13 at 13:25

It depends what you mean by empty.

To check if there is no text (this allows child elements that are empty themselves):

if ($('#leftmenu').text() == '')

To check if there are no child elements or text:

if ($('#leftmenu').contents().length == 0)


if ($('#leftmenu').html() == '')
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If you want a quick demo how you check for empty divs I'd suggest you to try this link:

Below you have some short examples:

Using CSS

If your div is empty without anything even no white-space, you can use CSS:

.someDiv:empty {
    display: none;

Unfortunately there is no CSS selector that selects the previous sibling element. There is only for the next sibling element: x ~ y

.someDiv:empty ~ .anotherDiv {
    display: none;

Using jQuery

Checking text length of element with text() function

if ( $('#leftmenu').text().length == 0 ) {
    // length of text is 0

Check if element has any children tags inside

if ( $('#leftmenu').children().length == 0 ) {
    // div has no other tags inside it

Check for empty elements if they have white-space

if ( $.trim( $('.someDiv').text() ).length == 0 ) {
    // white-space trimmed, div is empty
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Try this:

$(document).ready(function() {
    if ($('#leftmenu').html() === "") {
        $('#middlemenu').css({'right' : '0', 'position' : 'absolute'});
        $('#PageContent').css({'top' : '30px', 'position' : 'relative'});

It's not the prettiest, but it should work. It checks whether the innerHTML (the contents of #leftmenu) is an empty string (i.e. there's nothing inside of it).

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if (typeof($('#container .prateleira')[0]) === 'undefined') {
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In my case I had multiple elements to hide on document.ready. This is the function (filter) that worked for me so far:

$('[name="_invisibleIfEmpty"]').filter(function () {
    return $.trim($(this).html()).length == 0;

or .remove() rather than .hide(), whatever you prefer.

FYI: This, in particular, is the solution I am using to hide annoying empty table cells in SharePoint (in addition with this condition "|| $(this).children("menu").length".

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if($('#leftmenu').val() == "") {
   // statement
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