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I have all written code and i want to this code standarise by php code sniffer. I would like to know what is the best way to start with it. I had installed it but when i run the command

 phpcs /path/to/code/myfile.php 

In the command line I got the last one hundered line error from 310 to 410. But if I want to see the starting errors of any line error how can I see that. Mostly errors are :

 322 | ERROR   | Spaces must be used to indent lines; tabs are not allowed
 322 | ERROR   | Line indented incorrectly; expected at least 8 spaces, found 2

How can I solve these things easily and in future it don't repeat, what it saying that I should not use tab, and use space, by using space it will take time.

And how can I start with basic standard, because don't want to utilize more time in this right now.

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You can change the output to summary only with command line option...

--config-set report_format summary

All options.

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