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There is a specific requirement in our project that the tags used in JSP should be same(Case-Sensitive) as defined in struts-tags.tld file. E.g. If we use <Input> tag with capital 'i', our weblogic server will run that JSP page but in Struts-tags.tld file this tag is defined as <input> with small 'i'. I want to develop a SVN pre-commit hook to avoid such ambiguity. User should able to commit the file only when he/she is using <input> with small 'i' only as it is mentioned in .tld file.

Any help would be great help. Thanks

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Do you have any constraints regarding the format of struts-tags.tld or any language? What platform are you running on? Make your question a bit more informative and someone will surely help you. – eckes Jan 12 '11 at 7:08
We are running our application on Apache Tomcat server and we are using Struts2.0 framework. This is the property of server that it will read exact match of the JSP tag as defined in struts tag library. Previously, our application was on Weblogic9.2 and that server bypassed this tag check. Now, we are migratig our application on Tomcat thats why I want a hook so that user can't commit there files having this case mismatch issue. Thanks – Vipin Bansal Jan 13 '11 at 3:23
once again: please edit your question. Provide some sample of the .tld file and tell us which languages you can use for the hook (perl? bash stuff? whatever...). The hooks aren't rocket science. If you provide more information, someone will help you! – eckes Jan 17 '11 at 10:44

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