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I want to use the new git commit --fixup feature. Unfortunately, it was added in git 1.7.4 and I'm on cygwin which is using git so it's unavailable. It seems like it should be easy enough to mimic the behavior though. Let's say I want to make a small change which really should have been included in the commit that is currently at HEAD~2. So I want to do:

$ git commit -m "fixup! `git show --format=%s HEAD~2`"
$ git rebase -i HEAD~3

but git show with those options prints out the entire diff when all I want is the commit message itself. What is the git command to print just the commit message?

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The answer is actually shown on the git show documentation page as an example, but it's not explained:

$ git commit -m "fixup! `git show -s --format=%s HEAD~2`"

The -s is described on the git log page, under "Diff Formatting". It means "suppress diff output". It was not immediately obvious to me that options listed under git log would also be valid for git show.

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This is a sort of known documentation issue, apparently. It's been undocumented forever, and then was fairly recently added to the log manpage in commit 60aa9cf8f370b69eb7feaad2e1cbcd04280bc799 –  Jefromi Jan 12 '11 at 6:58
You can also use git log -n 1 <format> <commit>, or even git log -1 .... At least the first one of those is well-documented. –  Jefromi Jan 12 '11 at 7:02

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