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We were running Tarantino in a Nant build script but we're getting some new hardware and using the opportunity to upgrade to SQL Server 2008. Unfortunately Tarantino won't work with SQL 2K8 so I'm looking for an alternative.

Any ideas?

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Which tool did you use in the end? –  David Atkinson Aug 10 at 12:17
@DavidAtkinson we used Tarantino for that project. Using the built in Entity Framework bits now. –  Kyle West Aug 10 at 16:23
Code-first migrations? –  David Atkinson Aug 11 at 12:25
@DavidAtkinson yes. –  Kyle West Aug 11 at 15:28

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up vote 2 down vote accepted is the tool I use with SQL 2008. It also has nant script capability. I suggest using the trunk version, rather than the 0.7 release as it's had some good, as yet unreleased changes.

This roundup has other options. And there are few other similar questions here.

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what are the unreleased features ? I'm using MIgrator.NET as well, and I've written some extension methods for some functionality I wanted ... –  Frederik Gheysels Jan 21 '09 at 20:38
I started out using 0.7.0 just fine. I changed for Fluent interface, a load of fixes and dry-run/script option but mostly for long (non-incremental) Migration attributes which is good for branches. –  Steven Lyons Jan 23 '09 at 2:14

There are quite a few really good tools - some require adoption of a database change management process (like DBGhost), while others are less restrictive, but require more work (and efforts) on your side, e.g. Red-Gate's SQL Packager, which allows you to package your database creation and change scripts into .NET projects and/or stand-alone EXE files.

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I've used DbGhost for 10 years and it's never let me down. The support they provide is second to none. –  penderi Feb 21 '10 at 10:29

You might try this other question or this article it links to.

Edit: Sorry! I totally missed the "SQL Server 2008" part of the question. I'm not sure what the status of those products is with respect to the new version. But at least you'll have some other choices....

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I believe Tarantino has been fixed now to work with SQL2008 as of March 2009

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Try the latest version of Tarantino from SVN, it works with SQL Server 2008. Unfortunately, they have an outdated release published in Downloads section.

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You may want to have a look at RoundhousE as well.

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