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I have developed a contacts screen in blackberry.I have almost 40/50 contacts each being displayed in a HorizontalFieldManager on screen.All the HFM are on one parent VFM.In one short i am able to see 5 records.My problem is when i scroll down to the 6th,7th record the screen is not showing the record on which my focus is present. Then after reaching the 10th record i can see the records from 6th to 10th position.

I want a smooth scrolling.just like the one in blackberry messenger can any one help please?

Thanks in advance Yogesh Chaudhari

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You can use ListField , you can implement ListFieldCallback interface and custom draw each row using drawListRow method.

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Hi York.No i dont want to use ListField.Bcos its device dependent.It works fine on 9800 but not on 9700 so i have developed a customized interface using VFM and HFM.........any suggesstion on this? –  user469999 Jan 12 '11 at 12:21

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