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I modified one of the apps I made for russian market. Everything seemed to be fine, there was an issue when you enter data into database but it was solved by by setting page encoding to utf-8. So inserting and retrieving works fine. I ran into problem I just have no idea how to tackle. When I ran following query (simplified) in mssql query analyser (so no chance that it got messed up in the code), I get no results even thought there are a number of records matching: (version of mysql is 2005)

SELECT * FROM institutions WHERE city LIKE '%Москва%' ORDER BY address1

even if I modify it to be : SELECT * FROM institutions WHERE city='Москва' ORDER BY address1

or some other variation, it just isn't working. Question is why?

P.S. In case you can't see cyrillic letters after I submit this, it searches for Moscow as a city.

Anyone has solution or idea what to do?

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OK just found answer and it is lame :) a little. You need to add N in front of unicode string.

SELECT * FROM institutions WHERE city LIKE N'%Москва%' ORDER BY address1

I will leave this in case someone else get stuck with it.

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The N tells SQL Server that it is unicode not ascii

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