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is it possible to have two cookies with the same

  • Name
  • Host and
  • Path

For example:

cookie #1

content: D06BB....
Host: www.mydomain.com
Expires: 2-12-2015

cookie #2

content: 46458....
Host: www.mydomain.com
Expires: 2-12-2016

So my question: if is technically possible to have both of these two cookies at the same time?

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have you tried? see what happens. easily tested, and also the best way to learn. –  RPM1984 Jan 12 '11 at 10:16
the issue came up because of a user report - he said he has two cookies with same host/path/name ... but actually that was just wrong, so everything's like it should be –  hugri Jan 14 '11 at 6:30

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No, setting cookie #2 would overwrite cookie #1 since they have the same name.

If what you propose was indeed possible, it would be impossible to change the value of an existing cookie, because doing so would create a new cookie.

Multiple cookie name/value pairs can exist as long as the path is different (or the domain obviously). You can refer to RFC 2109 for more details.

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