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I have couple .c files in my java project. How to achieve in Eclipse to project see this .c files like resources ?

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Could you clarify how you expect "like resources" to look like? I don't see the problem, if the .c-files are inside the project, they ARE already resources (files) in Eclipse's sense. It seems you are expected something particular. – ShiDoiSi Jan 12 '11 at 11:12
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Define an additional src folder that points to the file system folder which contains those files.

Or, inside your src folder, create a new file/folder which is a link to the external file/folder.

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if it is maven project then simplyput all c file in /resource/c/

if it is simple java project , put all C file in a different package.

if it is a web project put it in WEB-INF/C/

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Are your .c files C programs?.

You can install c/c++ eclipse plugin named CDT to view the source.

CDT site.

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