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Background: I'm trying to debug a problem with a swing application where I get a class cast exception in the standard boolean table renderer of JTable. I have the source code attached but don't see any of the values for the local variables or parameters. I assume this is because I'm not java libraries compiled with debug information turned on. I'm using eclipse on windows vista.

Things I've tried: I've searched via google and on the oracle download site. There doesn't appear to be any obvious link to download a debug version of the libraries. There is one question on this site which links to an old java download site but this just redirects to the standard oracle one now.


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duplicate of… – mtraut Jan 12 '11 at 12:56
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I have looked into this problem before. There are lots of debates about it but no real answer. You will find some stale links to some early-access beta versions of JDK6 that supposedly contain a DEBUG bundle with rt.jar compiled with local variables enabled, but I have never actually found anything.

Sorry, but re-compiling it yourself seems the only option for now.

Edit: There appears to be some progress on this. As this answer suggest, you can download the latest snapshot release which should have all jars compiled with relevant debugging info.

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@rodion... please help in the steps to do the re-compile the source code without g:none that i can able to see the execution in jdk files – Java Geek Apr 22 '12 at 4:10
@jain007 see the edit above. – rodion Apr 22 '12 at 6:15

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