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I have two similar JSON files. I can read one of them with json_decode(), but not the other.

I've uploaded the files to www.huzursuz.com/json/json_test.rar

If you would like to check them, brother_a.php is working, while brother.php is not.

I don't think the problem is json_decode nested limit, because the files are so similar.

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Where did you get that huge JSON string?

According to the json_decode documentation, if the json is malformed in some ways, it will just return NULL, which is what I'm getting when I try brother.php

// the following strings are valid JavaScript but not valid JSON

// the name and value must be enclosed in double quotes
// single quotes are not valid 
$bad_json = "{ 'bar': 'baz' }";
json_decode($bad_json); // null

// the name must be enclosed in double quotes
$bad_json = '{ bar: "baz" }';
json_decode($bad_json); // null

// trailing commas are not allowed
$bad_json = '{ bar: "baz", }';
json_decode($bad_json); // null


I ran both of your JSON files through JSONLint, a JSON validator, and, as expected, the brother+a file passed, while brother was malformed in a few spots.

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Thanks for the link, exactly what I was looking for so long ... –  Dan Soap Jan 21 '09 at 20:46

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