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I have two major problems working with TinyMCE. When I use the table editor without having text in the editor I cannot exit the table editing.

  1. On hitting "Enter/Return" I only get a newline in the table itself. I also can't click somwhere else in the editor to get the cursor to display outside of the table to enter text under or over the table. I can't tell users to hit the "HTML" Button to enter text there.

  2. As soon as I'm IN the table cells, I can hardly edit the width of the whole table... The little squares to drag the table don't appear everytime.....

This can't be hard, I don't know what to google for... been searching for 30 Minutes now....

Using Version 3.2.4.x

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I suggest you use the latest tinymce version ( because the latest version contains fixes for various problems.

Tables in tinymce haven't been a big issue in my tinymce projects, but i think a look at the tinymce table plugin might help. This plugin adds table management functionality to TinyMCE (commands and options).

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I'm using tinyMCE in Silverstripe CMS and its' deeply integrated with the CMS so I'm not able to update. The table plugin is integrated. It seems like it's a browser issue. I can click somewhere else in IE e.g. – spankmaster79 Jan 12 '11 at 13:02

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