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Can Asp.Net 4 Webforms handle url routing for differing domain names?

Ex. www.abc.com www.admin.abc.com www.domainname.com www.admin.domainname.com

I would like to make a single app to handle the requests coming from the above URLs. Most of the scenarios I have found point to having url routing based on a single domain and multiple web pages.


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Yes it can (If I understand your using of the word URL Routing correctly).

Simply set a host-header entry for the application for each of the domains you want to support. You can do this in the IIS.

As a result www.abc.com www.admin.abc.com www.domainname.com www.admin.domainname.com all point to the same web application. Be aware, that sharing a session between multiple domain names might become a problem. (If the user starts surfing with www.abc.com and later uses www.domainname.com)

Another approach would be to use the canonical hostname rule for the IIS 7.5 URL Rewrite 2 Module. That results in having only domain that is visible for the users. E.g. www.domainname.com/myFooPage gets redirected to www.abc.com/myFooPage)
This might be a good approach for SEO

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Thank you for the reply! But what if I do not have permission/control over the IIS, is there another option? –  benjieb Jan 12 '11 at 11:42
If the URL Rewrite 2 Module is installed, you can configure it via the web.config. Could you ask your hoster for installing it? iis.net/download/URLRewrite –  citronas Jan 12 '11 at 11:44

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